MEEM BioMagnetic Stainless Steel Crystal Bracelet – White

MEEM BioMagnetic Stainless Steel Crystal Bracelet – White

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What is magnetic therapy and how does it work?

Magnetic therapy is an alternative medicine practice involving static magnetic fields produced by the permanent positioned magnets.

Magnetic therapy works in the human body through the circulatory system, the nervous system, and the endocrine system. Magnetism is continuously penetrating every known particle, right down to the atom. Its ordering effect on living systems arises from the fact that magnetism is a blueprint of life itself. All known energies have as a base this electromagnetic field. The latest research indicates that magnetism has a very significant biological effect on human beings.

Magnetic therapy works to regulate and normalize hormone secretion in the glands. It is currently believed that the increased electrical current being produced forms like a net around the glands and secretory ducts. An extra concentration of oxygen stimulates production while the electrical net regulates optimum secretion. As a result, conditions caused by a lack of hormone secretion, or a hormone imbalance are affected by normalizing the hormone functions within the body. Hormones play a very important role in rejuvenation and in general energy levels while proper circulation ensures that the hormone level is evenly distributed to all parts of the body.

When magnetic “flux” (the north/south flow of a magnet) passes through tissue, a secondary current is created around the flux lines in the tissue cells. This ionizes the protoplasm and rejuvenates the tissues by activating cell metabolism. The function of the cell becomes strengthened as the cell metabolism responds to the bioelectrical currents initiated by the magnetic flux. This current induces muscle spasms to decrease, and the activated cell metabolism lowers inflammation in the tissue. The increase of cellular metabolism aids in regeneration as well as in new cell growth.

MAGNETIC therapy health benefits:

– Arthritis.
– Osteoporosis.
– Carpal tunnel syndrome.
– Tennis elbow.
– Headache & backache.
– Neck pain, joint and muscle pain.
– Period pain.
– Breast soreness.
– Surgery recovery.

GERMANIUM therapy health benefits:

– Blood circulation.
– Neuralgia.
– Antiviral.
– Antiaging.
– Antioxidation.

FAR INFRARED therapy health benefits:

– Breakdown of heavy metals and toxic substances in the body.
– Metabolism.
– Energy balance.

NEGATIVE ION therapy health benefits:

– Stress.
– Sleeping patterns.